Evaluation Of The Project

Looking back on the begining of the semester, I was really lost. I could not come up with the idea and felt really pressured considering a lot of people already had their. I tried to shoot on location, but that idea failed. Coming up to week five, I finally got my inspiration and from there it started to get easier. The research I did up to that week and the lessons we had helped me a lot to get a better understanding of what is expected from us and our projects. I used that research for one of the looks I had in mind and added two more. My film may just look like a make up tutorial but it is a lot more than that. I wanted to show the effect and power make up has not only on the person wearing it but also their surrounding and society. I used one model for a better effect. All looks have a slight fashion twist. I chose an 80’s look to bring colour and fun  to my film. The second look is a quite edgy evening look; sparkly smokey eyes and dark lips. For the third look I wanted to make her black. I got the inspiration from a make up book l have and the film Black Like Me, which l reviewed on my blog as well as explained the story behind each look in detail.

I always enjoy practical lessons with Lottie and Helen and I always learn something new and broaden my skills. Pascal’s lesson was most helful and personally, my favourite this semester and we really had a chance to discuss our film ideas, show our work and get our questions answered. However, I think it really is not fair that me and my group never got proper feedback as others did, even though I asked for it a few times.
Creating three completely different looks, research and everything that comes with it was no’t easy and quite overwhelming at times but I managed to keep up with everything and tried my best

When it comes to filming, I wish we had at least one lesson on it. It would’ve been really helpful and saved me a lot of time and stress in the studio – which was hard to book! They could have been on instead of Jochen’s lesson, which I did not find helpful at all. I understand why we had to make a film but I really wish that the project was similar to the one we had last year – when we had to create characters only.  My third look did not turn out as expected, This brings me to time management, which I need to improve as well as practice more.

Overall, I have learned a lot and if I were to reshoot my film it would probably look ten times better. But I’m not going to and I’m relieved to have that behind me.


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‘GIF’ stands for graphics interchange format and it is an image that moves. It is usually used for banners; a twingling icon. It is a single file that containes a set of images in a specified order or a video and usually lasts a few seconds.

To create my GIFs I found a website called digitaltrends.com (http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/turn-youtube-video-gif/) where it said that if you add ‘gif’ to the url of your youtube link it will take you to gifs.com (https://gifs.com/ ) website. So I added the word to the link of my final film and the website allowed me to see and cut my video and choose the lenght of it.
I made two gifs for each look;



Metamorphosis |My Short Fashion Film

I struggled to find time to shoot as my model was out of the country for a week, then I had to work around her schedule as well as the studio, which was booked out most days. I managed to book three hours so I tired to film other two looks all in one session, since my model is quite busy.

To film the first (edgy) look it took me about two hours as for about an hour I was filming on my own. Beth came to help me film and keep an eye on the frames and to focus the camera. It took about 20 minutes to create the hairstyle.
Then for the third look I had an hour and I really rushed it. The plan was to try and film the entire look and if it looks really bad or if I run out of time, I would re-shoot it somehow, but then I’d have to use a different model.
This time I knew how to work with studio lights so the footage was a lot more better.

It took me a while to edit the film and put all the clips together.
I changed a few things in the first part of the film, I added fashion, like Pascal told me to, and I added a few more clips to make it a bit more interesting. I used the ‘Colour Balance (RGB)’ in Premiere to get rid or the yellow/orange tone that was caused by poor lighting and added a little bit of contrast. The contrast was also applied to other two looks.
You can see that the third look was quite rushed. Honestly, I feel that every time I had someone to help me, even though I was less stressed and it didn’t take me as long to film, the clips weren’t really in focus and I think I got the best shots for the first look, which I filmed on my own. What I mean by this is that I had a lot of footage that was blury and couldn’t be used in the film.
I didn’t think my film needed a lot of effects as it is not really about movement and it is focused mainly on the make up. However, I used transitions at the bigging, between each look and at the end. I googled how to get the three videos in one frame, then simply downloaded the frame and put them all together.

Looking at the final frame with all three looks next to eachother, you can see that the third one really stands out. I noticed that as I was editing, and that was what Pascal told me, too. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have enough footage from the first and second look to make them longer (one minute) and to get rid of the third look. But I think I achieved what I wanted; used make up in order to change the way a person is seen by others, and each look (character) has its own personality.

Here is my film, the title is “Metamorphosis”, as I already explained in one of my previous posts.

University Project
Short Fashion Film
Southampton Solent University
Make up, Hair, Filming & Editing: Antonela Coric
Model: Cornelia Lapinskaitė
Music: veki.beats

African Make Up And Hairstyles | Research

This is a video made by Cut Video that was actually posted yesterday, and it shows how the make up and hair had changed in Ethiopia from 1910 to today. It is one of many episodes of 100 Years of Beauty that Cut Video has released and it features Feven G., an Ethiopian model that modeled for all the looks shown in the video.
Throughout the video we can see not only how the looks have changed, but how Ethiopia has evolved and globalized as a country.

In terms of make up, we can see how they used hardly any make up up until the 1950’s. And that is exactly what I found in my research that I wrote in one of my other posts – there weren’t many products for dark skinned women before the 50’s, expecially not in Euthopia. The products that were on the market before the 50’s were used by African American women in USA, as that was the only place you could get the products from. Hairstyles featured in the video are either afro-style or little up-do’s, and we can see how from the 1990’s to today hair is getting more and more straight.

Malissa Martin and Michelle Rein were the hairstylists and  Anya Zaytseva was the make up artist.


100 Years of Beauty ep. 13 Ethiopia (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJGZHviS6wo) | Produced,directed, edited by: Cut video/ Youtube Channel: WatchCut Video | Posted on: Nov 16 2015 | Found on: Nov 17 2015

Cut Video also released an interview with Karen Maniraho, the woman that did the research for the video. I think it is really interesting to see someone’s process of thinking behind the looks. Although that is basically what I am doing on my blog, usually we don’t get to see someone’s process of thinking and research when they are creating looks for a film, fashion shoot etc.
At the begining she states that it was quite hard to do the research as there are two versions of african beauty- the one we see in the news (poverty) and the one we see in music videos. She drew her inspiration from Ethiopian leaders and influential women (1910-1940’s) as well as pilots, flight attendents, singers and models (1950’s-2010’s).

100 Years of Beauty: Ethiopia – Research behing the looks (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HwHQ8sd1es)| Produced,directed, edited by: Cut video/ Youtube Channel: WatchCut Video | Posted on: Nov 16 2015 | Found on: Nov 17 2015


Reference (Found on: Nov 17 2015)


Natural Make Up #TechnicalFile

This look has very minimum make up. The goal is to make your model (yourself) look healthy, making it look like they’re wearing no make up.

Products used:

Foundation: B77 (Kryolan) + Skin Primer Matte (Illamasqua)
Concealer: D3 (Kryolan)
Powder: Translucent (Illamasqua)
Cheeks: Natural Tan (Kryolan)
Eyeshadow: Natural Tan (Kryolan)
Eyeliner: Anis (Kryolan)
Mascara: Black (Big Bold CurlNYC)
Lips: lip balm (Carmex)

I started by priming my face, then applied the foundation to which I added a tiny bit of primer, as Kryolan’s foundation is too heavy for this look. Then I applied concealer in places where I felt I needed more coverage and under my eyes. To powder I used a puff in which I’ve previously worked (rubbed) the product in. That way the you can powder the face without getting a powdery look. I’ve then put a little bit of blush on my cheeks (which you can’t even see in the photos) and I used the same colour on my eyelids. Using an angled brush I drew a light line on my eyelid, close to the lash line, just to add some definition. It is best to use a brown mascara, but I only had a black one so I lightly applied one coat on both top and bottom lashes. You can use a lip colour that is similar to your natural lips, but I just used some lip balm to moisturise them.


With foundation


Blush + Eyeshadow


Final look – Side


Final look – Front | Look created on myself on: Dec 3 2015

Creating a no-makeup makeup look is quite hard when you’re used to using foundation that has a lot of coverage. It would probably be easier to do it on someone else rather than myself since my face needed quite a lot of coverage today.

Creating A Simple Hairstyle #TechnicalFile

In our last practical lesson we had the freedom to create any hairstyle we want. I decided to create the braided hairstyle I was originally going to do for the third look in my fashion, before I added the scarf (fashion) to the look.

The hairstyle is quite simple and it is made out of four french braids.
First I sectioned my model’s hair in the middle parting, going all the way down, then sectioned each side in half. I started from the left side and worked all around the head. I used loom bands to secure the braids.




Right Side


Right Side


Left Side | Model: Jazmine Collins | Created on: Dec 3 2015

I know the sections aren’t very neat, and the braids are not as tight. Her hair was freshly washed and because of her fringe and baby hair at the front, hair kept slipping out.

African Makeup | Final Look

This is the final look for my fashion film.
It didn’t turn out as I was hoping it would but I think it was well blended. The foundation on its own had a really red tone to it even though I added a yellow tonned foundation to tone the colour down and my model’s undertone is yellow. The brown tinted powder helped but it went patchy in some places so I used translucent first, then brown on top.
However, the foundation on this photo IS NOT what it looked like in real life. The studio lights and the camera that I have on my phone made it look even worse (I have an Iphone4).

Products used:

Foundation: Deep Sable (Sleek) + FS 38 (Kryolan)
Powder: Translucent (Illamasqua) + Brown (Sleek)
Blush/Bronzer: Bronzing Summer (Kryolan)
Contour: Black Pepper (Kryolan)
Highlighter: Natural Tan (Kryolan)
Eyeshadow: Vintage (Illamasqua)
Eyebrows: Black Pepper (Kryolan)
Mascara: Black
Lips: LC009 (Kryolan)


After applying the foundation

I used this scarf as a head wrap as fashion for this look. The colours that are featured on it are light and dark blue, green, gold/yellow motif. In my ‘African Fashion’ research I found out that blue represented peace, love and harmony, gold represented wealth and fertility and green life and prosperity so I think they are nice colours to use in this look.

To tie it I folded it into a triangle, tied on top of her head then tucked the fabric at the front.


Final African Look  | Model: Cornelia Lapinskaite | Created on: Dec 1 2015

What Is Continuity And Why Is It Important?

If you are make up artist (or a hair stylist) working on a film set, adds, TV series etc. taking notes of the products that you use on each person (actor) and photographing the look is very important. You have to be able to recreate the exact same look every time regardless if the scene is being shot again the next day or in 6 months; and that’s what continuity is. Sometimes there is scene has to be reshot or there wasn’t enough time to shoot it in only one day, and the make up can’t be different and it will show. And as a make up artist, you have to be as professional as you can and cannot allow yourself these kind of mistakes.
The best way to recreate the looks and avoid mistakes is to take photos (front, side, back) and to write down what products you used; brands, shades, numbers etc. The same thing goes for facial hair, wigs and hairstyles. 

However, there are a few continuity issues that could happen. E.g. if a scene ends up being re-shot after a longer period of time sometimes it is hard to get the same products again (wigs, clothes etc.), as they have been hired and returned to the hiring company. Or make up products end up being lost, or new people have been hired for the pick-up shoots. These issues can be stressful, and in feature films, there is a person called a Script Supervisor who deals with this as well as with film stock, dialogue changes or camera lenses.

When it comes to my continuity assessments, I think I was well prepared. I took a lot of photos during my first assessment and printed them out and used them for my second. I had the accurate face chart and hair chart with notes of all the products and made sure I had all the products with me.
I think I’d be able to recreate the look any time, as long as I have the face chart and all the products I need.
I practiced the make up more than I did the hair as I thought that it was more important for me to focus on that, turns out, I should’ve practiced more. So there’s a lesson I never seem to learn, but will definitelly make sure I practice more next semester.

Final Look | Edgy Makeup and Hair

So this is the final look I’ve created for my film. I know it’s bad but I forgot to take photos because I had to get out of the studio because of a lesson and people started coming in even though it was 11:45 and I had the studio until 12, the lecturer wanted me to leave and alowed me to come back at 1, which is when I did my third look. You can get a better look of the hairstyle in my film, where my model spun around on the chair.


Eyeshadow only


Makeup look

Screenshots from my film | Film shot on: Dec 1 | Model: Cornelia Lapinskaite


Final look:

Products used:

Foundation: FS 38 (Kryolan) + White Base 01 (Illamasqua)
Powder: Translucent (Illamasqua)
Highlighter/ Contour: Lumos/ Heliopolis (Illamasqua)
Eyeshadows:  Obsidian + Graphica (Illamasqua) + Silver Pigment
Brows: Black Powder (BeautyUK)
Mascara: Black + False lashes
Lipliner: 09 (Wood Lip/Eye pencil)
Lip Colour: 128 Starry Night (Rimmel)

Final Face Chart | Created on: Nov 6 2015

Final Hair Chart: 

four buns that are pinned on the sides and are kind of in a half-moon shape. No backcombing, but a lot of hairspray.

Final Hairstyle | Created on: Nov 10 2015